Create a culture of professional speaking in your company.

Luminon develops bespoke programmes and in-house facilities for corporations, and coaches staff to professionally speak on-stage, at meetings, client pitches, and hosting or being a guest on podcasts to large and small audiences.

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Luminon has worked with Fortune 500 companies, global corporations, and iconic leaders Nelson Mandela and Nicky Oppenheimer.

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Let's raise the bar for everyone.

When someone from your company speaks to the public, their performance affects its reputation. By developing your own in-house speaker training programme you can be confident of a consistent standard of professionalism, no matter who does the speaking.







Speaker training whenever you need it.

Luminon uses its 40 years of industry experience to build speaker training facilities and to develop tailor-made, comprehensive company programmes that cover four areas of professional public speaking.

The four areas of public speaking


Thorough planning is crucial in helping you organise your thoughts, structure your content, and prepare for eventualities.


Professional delivery is vital as it engages the audience, conveys credibility, and enhances the impact of your message.

Technical Skills

Good technical skills are at the core because they ensure clear delivery which reinforces your credibility and authority.


Professional feedback provides valuable insights that enhance your skills and confidence for future presentations.

Luminon stays involved.

Once your facility and programme are ready, your facilitator is available to do real-world training for any staff member, any day of the week.

On-Site Feedback

Your facilitator joins the audience where you are presenting and gives you feedback afterwards.

Recorded Feedback

Record your presentations and send them to your facilitator for constructive feedback.

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Meet the developer.

Cal Kennedy, CSEP is one of the most qualified and experienced special events professionals worldwide, with more than 40 years of industry experience working with Fortune 500 companies, global corporations, and iconic leaders.

Cal Kennedy, CSEP

Overcome presentation anxiety with real-time feedback training.

Many people dread speaking to an audience so much that it causes serious stress and anxiety. A core part of Luminon's training includes discussion sessions with video feedback to help people voluntarily face and overcome this.





Do we have to develop our own facilities?

No! We have 11 professional studios available at our offices in Randburg, Johannesburg, although a facility at your company is ideal as it allows more access to training and practice, and is cost-effective.

How much time does it take to train someone?

Training programmes are designed to fit your needs and the needs of each employee. Seasoned speakers may only need a few hours training, while new speakers will need far more knowledge and practice to gain confidence.


Please make contact if you would like to receive brochures and information on the available specialist modules or if you have any questions.